A Bibliometric Analysis of Circular Economy

Policy Implications for Sustainability in Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Francis Mwaijande Mzumbe University
Keywords: Circular Economy, Social Life Cycle Assessment, Sustainability, Africa, Policy


This study aims to identify and map out circular economy in scientific literature in the global and Africa context. The circular economy has been adopted mostly in industrial production systems in the developed economies, its application in Africa is limited mostly to environment sector. A paucity of scholarly research and scientific publications on CE instigated the need to map out circular economy for sustainable development Africa. This article provides an overview of scientific publications on circular economy built in Africa through the Scopus database. The study used bibliometric analysis based on data obtained from Scopus database highlighting scientific literature. The analysis obtained 414 publications from 2005 to 2024. It provides descriptive and analytical graphs and bibliographic maps generated in R-Studio software. Findings shows main scientific and scholars are in European and Chinese universities with scanty publications in Africa. These findings signal the inadequacy of scientific research to inform policies on circular economy in Africa. It calls for future demand for more research and scientific publication on circular economy linked to sustainability in Africa.


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