La tradizione repubblicana: problemi e contraddizioni del primo cinquantennio - The Republican Tradition

  • Marco Scavino
Parole chiave: Italian First Republic, Political system, Dual State


The essay examines some of the main works that Tranfaglia published in the 1980s and 1990s with the aim of reconstructing and discussing the historical roots of the political and institutional crisis that broke out in Italy after the end of the international Cold War and the national collapse of the so-called First Republic. Two items are examined with particular attention. On the one hand, the reasons for the failure of the reform policy attempted in the 1960s by centre-left governments. On the other hand, the dark plots of power and the birth of terrorism, both of the right and of the left. Two topics that played a fundamental role in his activity as a historian, closely related with his political and civil passion.

Memoria - Nicola Tranfaglia Storico