Un breve profilo biografico di Nicola Tranfaglia - Short biography of Nicola Tranfaglia

  • Fabio Levi
Parole chiave: Tranfaglia Nicola, Contemporary History, Fascism


Nicola Tranfaglia studied in Naples and then moved to Turin in the mid-1960s. He graduated in Law and, after a brief period working in journalism, he devoted himself to historical research, becoming professor of contemporary history at the University of Turin. For a long time, he kept being interested in journalism as well as in politics, in a period of the Italian history characterised by great transformations and social upheavals. As a historian he focussed his studies on the Fascist period, providing interpretations in antagonism with those of Renzo De Felice. In particular, he dealt with the relationship between the Fascist regime and the persisting characteristics deriving from of unification of Italy in 1861, as well as the legacies of the Fascist regime after the proclamation of the Italian Republic in 1945. The list of Nicola Tranfaglia’s publications is long. Particularly significant is his work on collections of essays in many volumes covering wide historical periods. He played an important role in promoting a considerable growth of attention in the Italian society to the history of the last decades of the 20th century

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