«Sarebbe una menzogna giurare quello in cui non si crede». Il rifiuto al giuramento del "repubblicano" Fabio Luzzatto - "It would be a lie to swear by something you don’t believe". The denial of the fascist oath by the "Republican" Fabio Luzzatto

  • Luigiaurelio Pomante Università di Macerata
Parole chiave: Fabio Luzzatto, Anti-fascism, Promise, Fascist period in Italy


This contribution aims to bring light to the figure of Fabio Luzzatto, one of the professors who in the 1931 rejected the fascist’s oath. Due to this, he was dismissed from his chair of Agricultural Law at the Royal Advanced Institute of Agriculture of Milan. Throughout a wide range of archive and printed sources, the Author reconstructs the main steps of the Friulian jurist’s cultural, political and academic education. Luzzatto was a convinced republican and a leading exponent of the Italian Freemasonry, who lived in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He was Extraordinary Professor of Introduction to Legal Studies at the University of Macerata, from 1895 to 1901, but he lived his maturity in Milan, where as a truly anti-fascist he opposed the regime with courage and fierce resistance.

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