Piero Martinetti: la doppia inquisizione - Piero Martinetti: the double inquisition

  • Amedeo Vigorelli Università degli studi di Milano
Parole chiave: Piero Martinetti, Fascism, Italian Thought


Piero Martinetti was the only Italian philosopher who refused the oath imposed in 1931 on academics by the Fascist regime. Unlike the other full professors who were expelled from the university because of refusal, Martinetti was not moved by political reasons, but solely by moral and religious. At first, after 1945, his gesture was forgotten and later interpreted on the basis of the contrast between fascism and anti-fascism. This talk intends to better clarify the position of Martinetti, whose act recently earned him the recognition of “Righteous of the humanity” by the city of Milan and the title to his name of the Department of Philosophy by the local University (“La Statale”) where he taught between 1906 and 1931.

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