Federico Patetta, docente e collezionista dell’Ateneo torinese: la preminenza della sua collezione nella sezione «Biblioteca Patetta. Antichi e rari» - Federico Patetta: the Preeminence of his Collection in the «Ancient and Rare Patetta Library»

  • Gian Savino Pene Vidari
Parole chiave: Federico Patetta, Historian, Professor and collector of books, History of Patetta’s Library


Federico Patetta was professor of History of Italian Law at the Turin Law Faculty for almost thirty years. He was a renowned collector of books and documents, as well as a scholar of European level. When he died in 1945, despite the country being devastated by the war, the university bought the imposing book heritage from his heirs, which has been preserved and increased until now. This article reconstructs the complex historical events that were at the base of the "Ancient and Rare Patetta Library", as it was conceived by its main founder. Currently this library is a section of the library complex dedicated to the memory of Norberto Bobbio, at the Centro Luigi Einaudi of Turin university.

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