L’emblema dell’Università di Torino. Storia di un sigillo e delle sue diverse realizzazioni e interpretazioni - The Emblem of Turin University. The History of a Seal, of its Various Realizations and Symbolic Elements

  • Luisa Gentile
  • Paola Novaria
  • Paola Rizzi
  • Francesca Turco
Parole chiave: History of Turin University seal, Chemical and Micromorphological Analysis of the Turin University seal, Archival Sources


The University of Turin embossed emblem even now in use had been rediscovered in 1925. Its origin dates back to 1615 in a wax seal kept in the State Archive of Turin. Since then it has been drawn in different style on official records, diplomas, stamps and academic bulletins. By means of pictures the paper illustrates the history of this emblem from 17th century to 20th century and the symbolic elements which are figured on it (an eagle looking at the sun, a bull, three books and three small marks on each of them). The authors show a new philological interpretation of the Turin University seal which is based not only on the previously mentioned records, but also on the thin, small silver plate emblem recently acquired by the University Historical Archive and on the results of chemical and micromorphological analysis of this find.

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