SPECIAL ISSUE: Islamic Banking and Finance in Europe


Islamic banking has emerged as one of the fastest-growing industry sectors over recent years. Islamic Finance has now become a global phenomenon due in large part because it is perceived as less risky than the conventional finance – especially during crises.  The Islamic Financial services industry has grown significantly over the last 10 years, reaching a value of more than $1.88 trillion by 2015.

The special issue aims at studying recent developments in Islamic banking and finance in Europe both theoretically and empirically.

Contributions focusing on the use of Islamic finance to trigger processes of social inclusion and to foster economic development and internationalisation of local SMEs, particularly in the field of renewable energies, biotechnology and aerospace, with insights and updates on the evolution of the law on fiscal neutrality are highly encouraged.

The papers can cover various aspects of Islamic banking and finance with a prospective of the themes of the TIEF 2017, can include, but not limited to, the following:

 Islamic Financial Institutions in Europe

 Islamic Bank Performance in Europe

Theoretical foundations of Islamic banking and finance

Sharia requirements in Islamic banking

Profit-and-loss sharing principle of Islamic banks

Financial innovation and Islamic banking

Regulatory issues in Islamic banking and finance

Basel 3 and Islamic banking

Risk management in Islamic finance

Islamic Corporate Governance

Financing SMEs through Islamic Finance

Financing businesses through Islamic financing: opportunities and challenges

Ethical and Socially Responsible Investment and Financing

Islamic Finance and Economic Development in Europe

Islamic Microfinance

Islamic Capital Markets


Funding Infrastructure Projects through Sukuk

Taxation framework for Sukuk in Europe

Islamic Mutual Funds

Takaful and conventional insurance

Islamic Accounting

Islamic finance: behavioural aspects

The Future of Islamic Financial systems

Taxation and Zakat Accounting

Social Inclusion


Submission: Please indicate in the process of submission in the comments that it is for the special issue

Deadline for receipt of manuscripts is: April 10th  2017