Holiday greetings and future challenges


Dear Colleagues, 

For the European Journal of Islamic Finance (EJIF) was a great year. 

We recently concluded the fifth Turin Islamic Economic Forum (TIEF) edition knowing new colleagues worldwide and creating a solid community. Today, we published the first special issue, but for the entire 2022 is scheduled the publication of another number with all of the contributions accepted. 

Moving to the Journal, we published 16 papers this year and received 31 new submissions. Most of the quality and growing-ranking strategies of the Journal is based on the (at least) double-blind peer review. All the time and effort of reviewers are for free, but with the ReviewCredits platform, it is possible to certificate this work. 

Finally, the most viewed papers this year were: with 472 views; with 310 views; with 219 views. 


For 2022, we will be facing new research challenges, and I hope to update you about new accreditation shortly. 

As a general invitation, all of you can feel free to share the Journal's website to near colleagues, propose to dedicate special issues or follow our activities here within our social media Facebook and Linkedin

Happy holidays and happy new Year


Paolo, Editor-in-Chief EJIF