Procédés d’écriture du réalisme magique historique de langue Allemande

L’exemple du roman moderniste “Der Gang durch das Ried” d’Elisabeth Langgässer

  • Hubert Roland Université catholique de Louvain
Parole chiave: Magical Realism, Modernism, Trauma Studies, Historiography of Avant-garde Movements, Epiphany


Contemporary critical literature on international Magical Realism overwhelmingly associates this aesthetics with the postmodern and postcolonial currents of thought. This article wants to recontextualize the historical roots of Magical Realism as a poetics in German and European Modernism of the interwar period. To do so, it examines the paradigmatic case study of Elisabeth Langgässer's novel Der Gang durch das Ried [Walking through the Ried] (1936), published under National Socialism, and analyses the particular writing processes that also make of magical-realist allegorisation a politically subversive mode of writing.


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