Schoenberg nel giardino di George. Il nuovo linguaggio musicale di Schoenberg nei Lieder del “Libro dei Giardini Pensili” op. 15

Parole chiave: Arnold Schoenberg, Schoenberg op. 15, The Book of Hanging Gardens, Stefan George, Symbolism, Atonality


This paper focuses on the relation between text and music from the perspective Schoenberg’s reflections in essay “The Relationship to the text” offers. George’s lyrics provoked Schoenberg to cross over the unexplored territory of atonality. The rich sonority of George’s poetry, finds in the songs of The Book of Hanging Gardens counterpart music that goes beyond the limits of the traditional aesthetics of songwriting. With the Georgelieder Schoenberg succeeded in approaching not only a formal and expressive ideal, but a new spatial dimension.


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Anna Maria Rastelli, Conservatorio di Musica di Milano

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