Les séductions de l’ailleurs, entre littérature, musique et danse

  • Laura Colombo Università di Verona
Parole chiave: Femme fatale, Carmen, Salomé, Literature, Dance Reinterpretations


This text aims at studying and revisiting the image of the femme fatale in dance, focusing on the figures of Carmen and Salomé, who represent the appeal of exoticism and otherness, from 19th till 21th centuries. Moving from the inclusion of dance in literary and musical works by Flaubert, Huysmans, Mallarmé and Wilde on the one hand, and Mérimée and Bizet on the other, the text evokes dance shows regarding Salomé created by Loïe Fuller, Ida Rubinštejn, Tamara Karsavina and Martha Graham, and focuses on the interrelations of literature, music and dance, examining the different types of intersemiotic translation in the choreographies concerning Carmen by Roland Petit, Alberto Alonso, Mats Ek, Antonio Gades and Jiří Bubeníček.


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Focus | Sulla carta sulla scena: il caso Salomè