Salome fantasia

  • Jean-Pierre Gaudin Institut d’Études Politiques d’Aix-en-Provence
Parole chiave: Artistic Scandal, Salomé, Historical Comparatism between Arts


Richard Strauss has composed a caressing but provocative opera about “Salomé,” with the same huge contrast as the writer Oscar Wilde or the painter Gustave Moreau during the last XIXth century. Considering this, we shall comment relations between art and scandal, especially during the Victorian period. But more generally, we intend to analyse the links and transfers between different arts and sensibilities (poetry, picture, literature, theatre, opera, cinema) concerned by the Salomé myth, with its transformations from the Baroque period to the present time. The drawings included in the text are from the author, Jean-Pierre Gaudin: seven variations on linen paper, already presented in an Italien exhibition in 2019.


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