Transfigurations littéraires de la danse. Exemples roumains

  • Eleonora Hotineanu CNRS Paris
Parole chiave: Ethnic Dance, Ritual Dance, Joc, Hora, Ciuleandra, Căluşarii, Iele


This is a groundbreaking study on the literary transfigurations of dance, many and varied, concerning some Romanian examples. The lexical richness, denoting the dance in Romanian — dans, joc, hora — matches the diversity of the ethnic dance — hora, sîrba, Ciuleandra, Căluşarii — ritual or distractive, or with the imaginary / magic dance of iele. All this dancing variation has benefited many Romanian authors (poets, prose writers, playwrights). Even if today the ritual of ancestral dance fades away, literature resurrects it, thus placing dance on the mythical path.


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Eleonora Hotineanu, CNRS Paris

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