Romanzi di racconti. La letteratura americana e la costruzione di comunità: il caso di "In Our Time" di Ernest Hemingway

  • Leonardo Nolé Università degli Studi di Torino
Parole chiave: Short Story Cycle, Short Story Composite, In Our Time, Hemingway, American Literature


By questioning the most important works on the short story composite, this essay intends to widen and update the theoretical debate on this literary genre, stressing two important aspects. On the one hand, the great power the composite shows in collecting fragments of reality, useful to depict a contemporary world which escapes any totalizing description. On the other hand, the belief that these fragmentary works are always shaped by an inner order, which leads the reader to the overall meaning of the composite. Finally taking a closer look at Ernest Hemingway’s In Our Time, this paper wants to show how, through all the individual character’s voices, the short story composite builds a community with different times, ideas, sensibilities, and how it seeks for readers’ commitment.


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