CICERONIANA ON LINE 2024 VIII, 1 Call for Papers


The present Call for Papers invites original contributions on Cicero, as well as on topics that fall in the category of Roman Thought. Papers falling in this category should concern texts that in their content or in the conditions of their production have a close or a distant link to Roman philosophy or its Fortleben. Papers on Cicero may address his various guises, i.e. as a historical figure, author, philosopher, and human being, including his works, sources, and afterlife. The call is open to any discipline and methodology, including, but not limited, to philology, linguistics, literary history, exegesis, rhetoric, Quellenforschung, philosophy, archaeology, art history, prosopography, religion, psychology, intertextual studies, literary genre, gender studies, anthropology, Fortleben, didactic, new media and digital classics.

Deadline for submissions to 2024’s eight volume is the 20th of February 2024. After this date, the reviewers will begin the selection process. Prospective articles should be sent in .pdf and .doc format by email to by the deadline.

Contributors must log into the Ciceroniana On Line website, creating a profile as “readers”, and follow the editorial guidelines. These can also be found on the website, Articles for publication will be selected no later than April 2024. The volume will be published in June 2024.