Osservazioni sul Sileo satirico di Euripide


Massimo Magnani


Review of the testimonia of the Euripidean Sileus, with particular attention to the tradition of the drama, to its status as a genre, and to its dating and setting. In closing, two appendices, one relating to the texts discussed, the other to the question of the number of satyr plays surviving in Alexandria.


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Come citare
Magnani, M. (2022). Osservazioni sul Sileo satirico di Euripide. Frammenti Sulla Scena (online), 3(1), 28-49. Recuperato da https://ojs.unito.it/index.php/fss/article/view/8192
THE FORGOTTEN THEATRE IV/2021. Atti [edd. F.P. Bianchi, M. DePoli, A. Giannotti]