Storia metrica di un frammento euripideo


Lorenza Savignago


This paper undertakes an examination of the metrical interpretations concerning fr. 152 Kn. (Euripides, Andromeda) that have been proposed over the past two centuries, as well as their textual implications. While 19th-century scholars were inclined to alter the transmitted text on metrical grounds, the most recent editors tend to assume textual corruptions and/or to abstain from an exhaustive metrical analysis. Taking into consideration the enriched understanding of dochmiacs acquired through both observatio and data provided by the manuscript colometries, it seems viable to preserve the transmitted text (subject to minor emendations that have gained widespread acceptance) and to attempt a somewhat divergent metrical analysis, founded upon the premise that colon-end do not necessarily coincide with syntactical divisions.


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Come citare
Savignago, L. (2022). Storia metrica di un frammento euripideo. Frammenti Sulla Scena (online), 3(1), 14-27.
THE FORGOTTEN THEATRE IV/2021. Atti [edd. F.P. Bianchi, M. DePoli, A. Giannotti]