"Der Mench [sic] ist ein Gewohnheitstier": Beckett and Habit

  • Federico Bellini Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano
Parole chiave: Samuel Beckett, Habit, Félix Ravaisson, Maine de Biran, All Strange Away


Habit plays an ambiguous role in Samuel Beckett's oeuvre: on the one hand, as he claims in his essay Proust, habit is merely considered as “the guarantee of a dull inviolability”, a protective screen dividing the subject from reality; on the other hand habit, as the area of friction between activity and passivity, is the object of extensive meditation and a pivotal element in the representation of Beckett's characters. In this paper I intend to investigate this ambiguity in the light of Félix Ravaisson's and Maine de Biran's philosophical reflection on the theme of habit and though a reading of the short story All Strange Away


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