De Martino e l’Antropocene

La fine di un mondo

  • Francesco Remotti Università di Torino
Parole chiave: Ernesto De Martino, End of the World, Anthropocene, Sense of an Ending, Eternal Return, Ethical Time


This article discusses Ernesto De Martino’s reflections on the end of the world and shows their being perfectly organic to the present-day ‘culture of the Anthropocene’, concerned as it is with the sense of its own ending. While first presenting the end of the world as a physiological cultural theme, which appears in every culture based on either a cyclical or a linear conception of time, De Martino – as this article explains – later came to a more dramatic interpretation, reading the end of the world as an upsetting anthropological risk. To overcome it, he ideated the concept of ‘ethical time’, which allowed to envisage a new kind of history, no longer linked to a particular society or culture, but concerning the whole humanity.


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