Sulla mancata equazione tra autore e personaggio

Posture littéraire ed eteronimia quadratica

  • Giacomo De Fusco Università di Napoli “Federico II”
Parole chiave: Autofiction, Author, Posture, Media, Character, Reader


The autofiction is often defined as a false biography. However, considering how the authors today are used to mediatize their selves, trying to make themselves look like their own character, we can think of autofiction as a true biography of a fictional author. In fact, analyzing the different versions of the of a single author in these kinds of novels, we can see that each has their own biography, and their proper style. Therefore, it is possible to think of them as heteronym of the author, having the same name, giving the result of a quadratic heteronomy which changes the approach that the reader should have to the text.


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