Il mito come forma di narrazione originaria

“Star Wars” e le narrazioni complesse del transmedia storytelling

  • Francesca Medaglia Università di Roma "La Sapienza"
Parole chiave: Myth, Storytelling, Transmediality, Expanded Universe, Star Wars


This essay aims to investigate the myths of origins as an innovative form of storytelling within the contemporaneity. In this light, the new numerous expanded universes produced by transmediality are now able to structure amplified experiences and, at the same time, will provide insights into the universality of creation myths as patterns from which the narrative action radiates. In this sense, this contribution intends to pay attention to Star Wars as an example of a storytelling, within which myth, as a form of literary creation, is used not only in its more traditional guise, but also as a source of new narrative structures of the metamodern sphere.


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