Ripensare l'archivio nell'era dei Big Data

  • Maria Giovanna Mancini Università di Bari
Parole chiave: Formal Ontologies, Cultural Heritage, Art History, Digital Art History


The increasing use of ICT is radically changing research methodologies in art history. In such a rapidly evolving context, predictably, art history shall increasingly benefit from Knowledge Representation & Automated Reasoning methodologies related to several aspects, namely data classification and integration, interoperability between different data sources, and semantically driven response to archival queries. In particular, the Semantic Web and interoperable archives seem to embody the universalist dream of some 20th century visionary projects. In the light of the challenges posed by new technologies, the archive remains a significant space that calls for reflection on conceptual models for the representation of knowledge and on the effects that the logic of computation will have on the way we experience cultural heritage.


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Percorsi | Big Data and the Digital Sphere