L’arresto del tempo drammatico nella “Salomé” di Oscar Wilde

  • Guido Paduano Università di Pisa
Parole chiave: Wilde, Salome, Dramaturgy, Colours, Protagonist


This paper deals with the protagonist of Oscar Wilde’s Salome. Throughout the whole play, Salome is a dominant figure, and her soft power ends up annihilating any other form of power – that of Narraboth, that of Herodias, that of Herod, and ultimately even that of Iokanaan. The paper analyses Salome’s power instance by means of a close reading of her rhetorical strategies: by refusing dialogue as a form of interpersonal and dramatic development, Salome halts the dramatic time of the play.


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Focus | Sulla carta sulla scena: il caso Salomè