L’alterità al confino. Per uno sconfinamento dell’immagine e dello sguardo

  • Chiara Simonigh Università di Torino
Parole chiave: Aesthetics, Border, Global Image, Humanism, Heterotopia, Iconoclasm, Migration Film, Population Movements, Visual Culture.


Through the lens of visual culture studies, images can be investigated according to their “positions” on contemporary history as political instruments of human understanding. Images of borders, in particular, acquire special importance in the dialectics between visible and invisible – subjects and objects, ego and alter – and can shape a symbolic relation towards the otherness. Within the European culture and the various representations of migrants, media can contribute to rebuilding the notion of heterotopia by avoiding iconoclasm while implementing an ethical gaze and authentic comprehension about those global individuals that are reorganizing our World-Society.


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