La cultura delle culture. Politica, media, convergenza, coscienza antropo-planetaria. (Con una Nota al testo di Chiara Simonigh)

  • Edgar Morin CNRS, Paris
Parole chiave: Anthropo-Culture, Communication Politics, Cultural Revolution, Imaginary, Media Culture, Mimesis, Planetary Consciousness


The current media culture carries on an atrophied communication that frustrates one of the deepest need of men and does not always allow individuals – during communication – to experience the exchange between the Self/ego and the Other/alter, as it occurs in the imaginary and the spectacle thanks to mimetic processes. That is why an active and responsible role of spectators is necessary for spreading a planetary consciousness and an anthropo-culture to re-generate humanity and re-build human relations. The culture of cultures may be based on the relationship between men and nature as a cultural revolution.


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