“Vamos estoirar dentro de vinte minutos”. Il dialogo sulla estrema soglia nel teatro di Raul Brandão

Parole chiave: Theatre, Raul Brandão, Dialogue on the Threshold, Mikhail Bakhtin, Portuguese Literature


The Portuguese writer Raul Brandão (1867-1930) was the author of mostly very short plays. The characters in his theatre are the protagonists of exceptional situations, poised between sanity and madness, or between life and death. On the basis of these observations, the study aims to show that some of the author’s theatrical works can be approached to the model of the “dialogue on the extreme threshold”, which was described by Mikhail Bakhtin.


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Matteo Rei, Dipartimento di Lingue e Letterature Straniere e Culture Moderne, Università di Torino
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